DNN Software vs WordPress. Get the Right Tool for the Job [+ Infographic]

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DNN Software and WordPress are two highly featured and powerful CMS solutions that are widely used to create professional-looking websites. WordPress rules the web market providing a foundation for approximately 46% of the top 10,000 sites. Powering nearly 0.55% of the market share, DNN Software is still considered to be one of the top 10 CMS options in the world. So, let’s try to shed some light on when one might be more appropriate than the other.

DNN Software

DotNetNuke is a powerful CMS option that is targeted at enterprises and businesses willing to rapidly deploy their websites, e-commerce solutions and other web applications. DNN Software has earned the love and loyalty of large communities all around the globe due to its high customizability and flexibility. The software is quite easy to use, though in the hands of more experienced developers. Average users need basic HTML knowledge to operate the software properly and get a full advantage of it. DNN also comes packed with a large array of modules in its store, which are constantly being improved upon. Overall, DNN Software is treated as a serious product for serious business.


Started as an open-source blogging software in 2003, WordPress has quickly become one of the largest and choicest software packages for users willing to build amazing do-it-yourself websites within extremely short period of time. Free to use, WordPress CMS provides its users with enough functionality to create any type of website, from a news site to an online jewelry store. Creating the site is as easy or as complicated as a user wants, therefore the platform serves a good option for both green hands and the veterans of website running as well. With a pool of plugins, WordPress allows to create more personalized and customized sites. Especially the platform prides on its users’ ability to create their own applications and plugins for the platform, meaning that there are always new things added aiming to make a site even better. With a community numbering in the millions, WordPress has become the default choice for those who are totally new to the website building scene and nervous about the entire situation.

DNN vs WordPress

There is no shadow of a doubt that you have great possibilities with both systems if you use them in the right situations. A general rule of thumb is that DNN Software should be high on the consideration list for enterprise- and business-sized eCommerce, while WordPress might be nearly an ideal destination for smaller, local businesses searching a respectable web presence.

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