Cracking the MediaWiki to Wordpress Migration Secret - CMS2CMS
Cracking the MediaWiki to Wordpress Migration Secret - CMS2CMS

Cracking the MediaWiki to WordPress Migration Secret

Nowadays, the amount of CMS platforms varies greatly. Each of them has its own purpose and focuses on this or that web project creation.

Today, WordPress is considered to be the #1 solution for running a personal diary, website, multiple web pages, site+forum. Being known as the most user-friendly CMS software, it’s also beloved because of advanced and powerful functionality. While MediaWiki, which was originally designed for Wikipedia, mostly provides the encyclopedia-oriented and informative type of content. If you have no programming skills or prior technical experience, it might be difficult to work with this platform.

Thus, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that shows how to migrate MediaWiki to WordPress in a few minutes in a fully automated way. Before getting started with the migration setup, there are several actions you have to proceed with.

Backup your MediaWiki Website

To exclude all the risks of the data losses, make a backup of your existing website data. You may save your content by using hard drive, flash USB drive, DVD drive or just use the backup option of your hosting provider.

Install New WordPress Website

Choose your future hosting provider and install new WP website. Also, you may add extra functions by activating some plugins.

Migrate MediaWiki Content to WordPress

For your MediaWiki to WordPress migration, you may use automated converter CMS2CMS. It allows you to transfer all the types of data (like pages, posts, categories, images, attachments, users, comments, SEO juice and much more). Be sure your content will be moved in fast and, what’s more important, safe way. To get more information on MediaWiki to WordPress migration, look at the videographics below:


Last Word

Still having doubts, whether to migrate your website from MediaWiki to WordPress? Start with Free Demo Migration and see how your new WordPress website will look like. With CMS2CMS automated migration service the process of a website migration will be as easy as a pie!

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