You are an old-bird website owner who has been running a web project since the beginning of Internet era? More likely, you still possess a static HTML site, don’t you? So, here’s a great option to give a try to something more up-to-date and advanced, like CMS (content management system). Have you heard about WordPress? Yes, the one that boasts its breeze ease of use and advanced functionality.

Today, more and more website owners opt to WordPress because of its simplicity and flexibility at the same time. More than 60 millions of WP based site in 10 years – you should admit it’s a significant proof of this famous brand of a high service. So, there’s no doubt whether to choose this CMS platform or not any more? OK, thus we’ve prepared this infographic to show you how to convert your HTML site content to WordPress in a blink of an eye.


So, now you see, with CMS2CMS your HTML to WordPress conversion will be simple and fast and in minutes you’ll be able to manage your new WordPress website with pleasure. Don’t linger any more, set up your absolutely free Demo Migration and get your brand new look website.