Today, CMS2CMS announces its long awaited Drupal 7 migration update – from now on, you may automatedly migrate your Drupal 7 website content together with custom fields to your desirable CMS!

Aiming to turn the website migration into accomplished and straightforward procedure, CMS2CMS leaves all the Drupal conversion hassles behind. In this way, apart from your website default content, which includes posts, comments, media files, SEO data, you may easily transfer your Drupal custom fields, including:

  • file
  • image
  • long text
  • long text and summary
  • text
  • term reference to your new CMS platform.

Thus, you may easily migrate your Drupal website to WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3 or other CMS platforms completely with losses at all.

So, if you are planning your Drupal migration, you may do it absolutely automatedly including the transfer of website content, SEO data, and your custom fields. Put your Drupal migration efforts aside and setup your free Demo Migration to see how rapidly and accurately your website will be moved to your new CMS.