The scoop of the week! CMS2CMS extends the list of migration opportunities! Now we support migration from Drupal 6.x, 7.x to the latest WordPress!

You have always wanted to try out something new for your Drupal website, but it seems too much hassle? You’re satisfied with your site but always ready for innovations? Or maybe you’re just curious why people go crazy about WordPress?

With CMS2CMS online service, you get the unique chance to switch to WordPress and see it in action for your website. You’ll be able to import your content, categories and users to the latest WordPress installation and decide which CMS is better catering for your specific needs.

No need to worry about the lost time or wasted money. Spare just a couple of minutes – that’s all it takes for your data to be moved. Your migration will be performed safely and accurately.

Sounds tempting? Then don’t resist – go ahead and register your account to set up the migration with no delay. Open new horizons for your website with CMS2CMS at

P.S. Follow our updates – we’ve got some awesome stuff in store for you really soon!