Who says 2013 is unlucky? For CMS2CMS users, the upcoming year will surely be the year of success! Enjoy one of the presents: migration of comments and tags is now supported for Drupal 6.x, 7.x and all versions of Joomla K2!

While you are preparing for the New Year Party, CMS2CMS team doesn’t cease working to your benefit.

We realize how much you value the feedback from your users, clients or readers. And there’s no more abandoning of all the great comments you’ve got on your source site. CMS2CMS now imports them to your new CMS along with the author name, email and post date. Your tags will be moved too, so the users will easily find their way around and feel at home on your new site.

With CMS2CMS online service, your CMS migration will be easier than you can imagine, with just a few steps to complete. You’re still here? Hurry up to register an account and don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your website!

P.S. Joomla comments import is under development now. Follow our updates to know as soon as it’s ready to go!