We have a great news to share! What we have been looking forward to has finally happened! CMS2CMS presents the automated 301 URL redirect option to save your SEO efforts and rankings after website migration to WordPress.

CMS2CMS Team has found the way to shatter any obstacles on the way of your website conversion by introducing an automated 301 redirect possibility. So, cast aside your concerns about SEO losses. With CMS2CMS, it’s totally under your control! As for now, this works only for the websites migrated to WordPress, but we’re expecting more CMS platforms supported very soon.

What is 301 redirect? It is a permanent redirect of an old page URL to the new one. This way, after the website migration, your visitors and search engine bots will automatically be taken to the new location of your content.

Why you need it? 301 redirect is the best and most recommended way of preserving your current Page Rank after website migration. Search engine bots find out that your pages from the old website are not missing, they have just been moved, so the PR is assigned to the new page URL, and you don’t have to start your SEO campaign all over again, keeping your traffic on the usual level.

Want to try it out? Automated 301 Redirect option is totally FREE. So, don’t hesitate, and set up your Demo Migration to see how a few mouse clicks can turn your existing website into your dream one in no time at all – with  CMS2CMS!