Better. Faster. Updated. WordPress 4.6 vs Joomla 3.6 - CMS2CMS
Better. Faster. Updated. WordPress 4.6 vs Joomla 3.6 - CMS2CMS

Better. Faster. Updated. WordPress 4.6 vs Joomla 3.6

With new updates, new opportunities come. (At least, it’s considered to think so). This summer was indeed hot, burning the entire Internet community up with WordPress and Joomla upgrades. On August 6 Joomla 3.6 was released and 10 days later, on August 16, the world saw WordPress 4.6. New functions, new enhancements. Strive for it? See what’s new in WordPress 4.6 vs Joomla 3.6 here.

Let short Joomla overview be our starting point

Joomla is the second best building website platform after WordPress and it’s not for nothing. Joomla with its 63 m downloads is recognized being the best platform for building e-commerce, social media, and community websites. What new has the update wave brought us?

  • In its 3.6 version Joomla! offers you better updating process, which is A+. Reinstalling/rewriting or returning core files back to default now is a matter of speed. This may help big, when you made a mistake somewhere in code threads, and it’s difficult to detect it, resulting that your website is slowly going down.
  • Categories on the fly, as they say. In case, you’ve forgotten to create a category before adding an article, with the new version it’s not a problem anymore. Create a category along with your new post.
  • You can delete all useless info, means you can delete cache with a “Clear Cache” button at once.
  • Blocking or granting access to some user groups to the specific type of menu and its items is now effortless with Menu Type ACL.
  • Enhanced images processing (cropping, rotating, adding filters, etc).
  • You can get a robust overview of what where and how everything is organized on your website with a new function which allows you to show all items of each menu. Helps to notice duplicated links, or missing menu items.
  • The process of writing extensions installing-deleting-updating has grown to be more simple.

Now we’ve got our hands on WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most used CMS (140 m downloads and 17 m sites globally run on this platform). According to the stats from, WP is #1 in building up business and technology websites and suits best for the news delivering resources. See how WP’s power grows with not less powerful updates.

  • First of all our attention was drawn to the fonts. Updated version now supports native system fonts in user interface, which influences WordPress loading speed, making it faster and closer to you <3.
  • Themes and plugins updating/installing is enhanced with Shiny Updates. There is no progress screen anymore in when you’re installing a plugin or a theme. You can do it without leaving plugins or themes page.
  • WP 4.6 scans each URL and if it’s broken link, it’s highlighted in red.
  • Improved disaster recovery and auto-save every 15 mins. In a case of sudden shut-down, you can restore lost info from backup browsers and autosave.
  • Why so serious? Emoji update 😀 (Unicode 9).

In the end, it’s obvious that both platforms “bought themselves new awesome clothes.”  Each new feature added in WordPress 4.6 vs Joomla 3.6 updates comparison  lets you expand your possibilities and ideas even more broadly. On the other hand, look closely to each CMS and discover what can make your website the brightest spark of all and will provide you with all the tools needed.

You’ve already tried all of these WordPress 4.6 vs Joomla 3.6 updates? Then tell us how it feels. If it’s bad and uncomfortable even after the update, think of switching platforms. CMS2CMS can make all the migration pain go.

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