How to Avoid Pain While Migrating from Drupal to WordPress? - CMS2CMS
How to Avoid Pain While Migrating from Drupal to WordPress? - CMS2CMS

How to Avoid Pain While Migrating from Drupal to WordPress?

Quite a few things need to be considered before choosing a right CMS. Both WordPress and Drupal are different in nature and very powerful in their respective functional areas, however, the base for these both is same, PHP. It is important to identify the idea of making a move towards adopting any of the web content management services. Select a platform considering business requirements and features that it offers.

WordPress (WP) was released as a free and open source content management system on May 27, 2003. Since then it has shown its powerful improvements and developed to the top CMS platform thanks to its large community of contributors.

At first, WP came as a major blogging platform with its intuitive user interface and easy to learn features. Whereas now this is not the case. Today it is not only being used as a major blogging platform but also it is vastly addressed to by those who are eager to set up a full-featured website.

Having a large developer community and being equipped with thousands of rich plugin, WordPress is being used by 31% of all the websites.

Being a free open source as well, Drupal allows everyone to build websites and other complex web projects. You can create personal or business website, blogs and forums and even social networks. Despite the fact that it can be used by beginners and professionals, on the other hand, Drupal is more suitable for those who know a thing or two about coding and web development. It’s difficult to state that building a social network from scratch is an easy task, agree?

Drupal supports content management, collaborative authoring, podcasts, image galleries and much more. It allows easy-to-manage extensions in the form of modules, but although everything sounds very close to WordPress, there are still some crucial differences that will help you choose one over the other.

Already decided to make a switch, but look for the fastest way for migrating from Drupal to WordPress? The following info would be just the ticket! Take these slides into consideration and your CMS migration will be as smooth as honey.

Migrating from Drupal to WordPress

Still have some question unanswered? CMS2CMS support team is available 24/7 for you to have a fast and totally safe transfer from one CMS platform to another. Feel free to ask whatever you are interested in, and move your website closer to your web-dream by launching Free Demo right now!

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