Have we promised? We did it! Great news from CMS2CMS migration service! Since now you have the opportunity to perform completely automated migration TO or FROM one of the most professional forum software package Simple Machines Forum – SMF in short.

What does that mean for you? If you run an SMF based forum and want to try something new, it becomes really easy with the help of CMS2CMS automated service. No coding, no copy pasting, no software installation. You just follow the clear instructions and proceed with your SMF migration.

You probably are interested in what content types can be migrated in an automated way. These are:

  • Forum Posts
  • Forum Topics
  • Users

And options like:

  • Forum Topic Polls
  • Forum Topic Watchers
  • Custom Smiles

In case this prospect sounds good to you, do not hesitate anymore and set the Free Demo Migration in motion to see how your future forum will look like. With CMS2CMS, the automated content management system and forum migration service, your migration will be as smooth as never before!