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🌸 Spring is in the air! 🌸

Fresh warm wind inspired us to work harder and today CMS2CMS team is happy to announce a newcomer in the Fully Supported Platforms List. From now on you can migrate content from Evolution CMS to one of the top CMS platforms in a fully automated way!

What does this mean for you?

Starting today, one can easily move the following EVO data with no software installation, no copy-pasting and no coding skills:

  • content itself (pages and posts);
  • categories and tags;
  • users;
  • images and attachments;
  • menu;
  • comments (for proper comments migration, make sure the Jot snipped is installed)

And the cherry on top – additional options you can get using CMS2CMS service:

  • Migration of 301 Redirects from old URLs to new URLs;
  • Metadata transfer;
  • Setting first image as featured.

It seems like a tedious Evolution migration is over! CMS2CMS solved the problem and even offers you a Free Demo migration to make sure that the process goes in a smooth, accurate and super fast way.

Try us free!
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Valentyna Tysiachna

Valia is a vivid CMS platforms observer, that’s why she found her dream job of marketer manager at CMS2CMS migration service. Keen English learner, music lover and passionate content writer, she enjoys constant improvement and is open to challenges.
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