Great news! CMS2CMS launches automated 301 redirect possibility for websites after their migration to Drupal, so that website migration wasn’t the risk point for SEO.

Quite recently, we announced the release of automated 301 redirects – and today, we’re happy to bring you the fresh news – 301 redirect is now available for Drupal migration as well! So, if you decide to migrate to Drupal from Joomla, K2 or TYPO3, with CMS2CMS you not only can do it absolutely painlessly and very fast, but also with no worries about your SEO.

301 redirect is the best way to direct visitors and search engine bots to your new page URL after the website has been migrated. The thing is, URL structure is likely to change due to the way your new CMS is building links. So, using 301 redirect you keep your rankings, as they are all assigned from your previous to the new URL. As to the traffic, your existing visitors will be automatically taken to the new website address whenever they try to access the previous one. What’s more, all your backlinks you put in so much efforts to get will be preserved.

Generally, setting up 301 redirects manually is a rather complex procedure. We at CMS2CMS did our best to simplify it to the max. Wanna check it out yourself? There’s nothing easier – just set up your free Demo migration and follow the instructions you get when it’s complete – to see how simple it is to move your content to Drupal automatedly and keep your SEO intact.