The Most Astonishing WordPress Facts Worth Knowing [Infographic] - CMS2CMS
The Most Astonishing WordPress Facts Worth Knowing [Infographic] - CMS2CMS

The Most Astonishing WordPress Facts Worth Knowing [Infographic]

You’ve run into a “WordPress” name recently and you wonder why it beats all the records on the web market? Well, you could read a ton of different articles just to find out a bit about its pros, but it could take forever revising them all!

In fact, there are dozens of reasons why WP is so good – the number of its plugins and themes, amazing SEO-friendliness and its admin board ready to show you that running a website is a piece of cake. WP is also famous for its flexibility in the website types – from a blog and online store to corporate websites and even a forum (here WP’s child – bbPress is meant).

Moreover, it possesses a large support community scattered all over the globe. So, if some trouble happens, you can always just open a discussion on any forum and get an answer in a matter of minutes. Besides even if there is absolutely no time for you to google the questions, you can order an official support which comes with quite a reasonable price.

And, although, the most popular language in WP world is English, there is a wide range of both official and volunteers-made translations available to get.

If there are still some nasty doubts pulling you back from choosing WP, check out the most impressive facts and stats willing to prove you that WP conquered its champion title for good reasons.


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