CMS2CMS not only constantly grows the number of supported CMS platforms and migration features. The number of our happy clients grows daily as well, with more and more successfully accomplished migrations and newly established websites.

A remarkable thing is that our service is popular both among website owners, who use it to migrate their personal websites, and companies with high level of expertise in web design and development.

Today, we’re happy to present you a short interview with Neil White, a representative of Midlands Online Media – a website design company from Coventry, UK. They used our service to migrate this website from Joomla to WordPress.

So, here goes the interview itself:

What problem did you solve using CMS2CMS?
We needed to migrate 2000+ pages from Joomla to a new site in WordPress.

Please specify the reason why you chose our service?
After running a test migration, CMS2CMS seemed to be the easiest solution. Apart from a few clicks on the mouse there was very little work to do.

What did you like most about it?
The support was quick and we never felt ignored when we needed to contact them. Its a very simple solution.

What is the major value of CMS2CMS, in your opinion?
No technical ability was needed to perform the migration.

Who would you recommend this tool to?
Anybody who needs to migrate data from one platform to another. We did Joomla to WordPress.

We are thankful to Neil for sharing this story with us and wish further growth and success to his company. And we also welcome you to tell us about your migration (and show your new website) or suggest your ideas on how to refine our service. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime – your opinion is of great value to us!