Fantastic news! We’re excited to announce the long awaited update of CMS2CMS service! The image and internal links migration to a new CMS is finally available!

Switching to a new content management system becomes easier and more convenient with CMS2CMS! On the Christmas Eve, we’ve got great presents for you.

First of all, when transferring your content to a new CMS, you now take along all of the images from your source site to the target one automatically. No need to move them over by hand, looking for the post a picture used to belong to.

Secondly, all the links of your source website that lead to another element within the site, like a page or a post, will be live and working correctly.

Moreover, if you’re using SEO URLs on your target site, all the internal links will not only migrated, but also restructured according to the URL rewrite rules on your new website.

And that’s not just it! We’re adding up to the migration options but everything else remains unchanged. With CMS2CMS, there are only 5 migration steps to complete.

So, hurry up to register your CMS2CMS account and start the New Year with the brand new website!