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Why Move From Umbraco to WordPress? (Prezi)

This article gives reasons for Umbraco to WordPress migration and explains the peculiarities of each of the CMSs.
Umbraco to WordPress. The Final Reckoning


Umbraco to WordPress: The Final Reckoning of 2019

Find it difficult to decide whether to switch from Umbraco to WordPress? Take your time have a look at the brand-new Prezi with the detailed migration steps


Migrate Umbraco to WordPress. A Full Length Guidance

The purpose of the article is to compare the key features of the 2 pieces of software, providing a short guideline on how to migrate Umbraco to WordPress.
Umbraco to WordPress


How to Move Umbraco to WordPress. 6 Steps to Success

The article takes through the main differences between the software and explores all the tips and tricks on how to move from Umbraco to WordPress.