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affiliate program


CMS2CMS Presents Programs for Partners and Affiliates

CMS2CMS makes an offer you cannot decline! Become our partner or join the affiliate program to make money and open new perspectives for your business!
post quarantine business management


CMS Digest: Running a Business During and After Quarantine Time

Running a business in post quarantine time would require a number of changes, and it's undoubtful. Find out fresh ideas for your site in CMS April Digest.


WordPress Blog: Best Plugins and the Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a list of useful plugins and the maintenance checklist to keep your blog in pretty sharp and working order! Also, check the way to migrate your blog!


Do I Need a New Web Host? How to Know When It’s Time to Migrate Your Site

This article will help you to decide if you should move your site to a new web host. Don't waste your time - make your site better and make more money!
test design


No More Default Templates! Test Design after the Website Migration

Again wonderful improvements from CMS2CMS service. This time we made it possible to test design after migration to WordPress. Have a look!
Moving Tumblr


[CMS2CMS Broadens the Horizons] Moving Tumblr Is Fully Automated Now!

CMS2CMS team is happy to announce that from now on moving Tumblr to another CMS platform is a fully automated process. Enjoy!
migrating to Drupal 8


7 Reasons which Prove that Migrating to Drupal 8 Is a Must-Do

Still Sceptical about Migrating to Drupal 8? Read on to find out that now is the best time for moving to Drupal 8 and the best thing to do to your website.
joomla vs wordpress


Long-lasting Battle: Joomla vs WordPress [+ Infographic]

Joomla vs WordPress? What platform will give a website more power? Take a comparison of these two and get the answer right now!
drupal for business website


Is Drupal The Right CMS For Your Business Website?

Drupal is a customizable content management system built for complex content management scenarios. But is Drupal the right choice for the business website?
Datalife Engine to Wordpress


DataLife Engine to WordPress Converter: How it Works Tutorial

With DataLife Engine to WordPress migration converter, you can set up a transfer in a simple 7 steps and enjoy a brand new website really soon.
wordpress GDPR compliance


Plain Guide to Making a WordPress Website GDPR Compliant

Not being a GDPR compliant can be disastrous for a website. Use the following guide to protect your WordPress website and make it GDPR adaptable.


CMS Digest: Blogging Is Not a Job, It’s a Diagnosis

It's CMS digest - June's edition with blogging tips and tricks inside. Get the answers to the top "how" questions bloggers face in their career.
from squarespace to wordpress


From Squarespace to WordPress: the Lazy Man’s Guide

Sooner or later any website face the need of website migration. Find out how to make a Squarespace website better by moving its content to WordPress.


7 Key Factors to Running a Successful Online Forum in 2021

Discussion forum is essential for todays' businesses. But how to build a successful online forum in 2021? Simply by following 7 basic factors.
drupal migration improvements


Great News for All CMS2CMS Users: Improved Drupal Migration

Say "hello" to the improved Drupal migration. Save your time for summer vacations while CMS2CMS migration service will work for you.
things about WordPress


CMS Digest: Things Everyone Needs to Know about WordPress

CMS2CMS May's Digest - welcome on board! Today we will reveal things about WordPress everyone has to be aware of! Use WordPress? This collection is for you!


Ultimate Website Features List 2021: 10 Must-Haves

Find out what features a website builder has to obtain in 2021 to supply a web project with success. This list is doomed to help you in making a decision.


The Lazy Way for phpBB Migration

The machines are here to serve us. There's no need strain oneself, if phpBB migration can be done in a fully automated way!

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