One more record goes to CMS2CMS Timeline! Recently, CMS2CMS has successfully performed a website migration that involved moving 600 000 content images from Drupal to WordPress!

Just a few minutes of a simple setup procedure and the website was ready to go from Drupal to the new WordPress platform – including its impressive image gallery. Isn’t this the real proof of the powerful automated migration tool that moves every piece of the site content carefully and with no hassle? CMS2CMS busts all the myths about the tough migration process and provides you with an ultimate way of your website conversion.

Thinking about switching to another CMS platform? Place confidence in CMS2CMS – it will handle your migration fast and precisely. Just imagine –  no software installations and no intricate scripts and codes, only a few ABC steps to import your posts, images, categories, users etc to a new CMS. Set up the Demo Migration and enjoy your content on the new platform in no time!