TYPO3 to Joomla: Reasons and Ways of Migration [Infographic]

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TYPO3 is an enterprise-class, open source content management system, used to create and manage websites of all types, from small sites to multilingual enterprise solutions for a large company. This CMS has professional permission system together with editing workflows. It means that a site owner can manage even multiple website in one TYPO3 installation. Moreover, there is the graphical instrument for building templates for your website, however it’s difficult to customize (need to learn two TYPO3-specific system).


While speaking about Joomla CMS, you may be interesting that within its first release, this platform had been downloaded 2 500 000 times during the year. With this web builder instrument, you can create blogging site, gallery, briefly personal site, powerful online application, whatever you can imagine. That’s why, there are a lot of website owners  who prefer to migrate TYPO3 to Joomla.

This infographic shows weak and strong sides of both platforms. Moreover, it illustrates a straightforward stage-by-stage instruction on how to complete TYPO3 migration including pre- and post-migration tips. Follow these steps to make your data transfer uncomplicated, quick and safe.


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